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March 15, 2013 / another1ofthose

A homophobic Homo?!

asshole alert

A new message window, popped up on manjam (yaaaaaayyy). The darn thing asked me if i want to read it instantly.(Are you seriously asking me this?). Sure i do, i don’t want to miss a chance to meet someone decent. okayyy! it was a nice message so i viewed that guy’s profile. no picture included (better! I’m closeted, sue me). I scrolled down to the “My ideal” section, Male between 21 to 28(Okay that’s good) around 5’11″(180 cm)damn, I’m not that tall but he still messaged me. He’s looking for some chat-friendship-relationship(Bingo!). I replied attaching my Skype ID and email address. He added me and we went on Skype.

All was great at first, until we started talking about gay rights. The guy turned out to be against gay marriage (What the fucking shit are you talking about?).

Me: Dude you’re gay!!!!!

Him: yes i am, but i am against gay marriage

Me: are you serious? It is your right to marry who you love

Him: possibly, but it corrupts society, and it’s not healthy

“He’s one hell of a schizophrenic asshole. He’s fucking gay and he is telling me that gay marriage is not healthy? ”

Me: Why are you saying that?

Him: Marriage should be between a guy and a girl, not between 2 guys nor 2 girls

“I couldn’t believe what he was writing. A homophobic homosexual? Or is he just stupid(there’s no doubt about the latter)”

Him: Besides, if gays and lesbians were given the right to get married, they will be granted the right to adopt children as well

Me: and so?

Him: So their children would turn out to be gay

Me: man, homosexuals are born that way, it has to do with epi-genetics, Google it! If homosexual parents adopted a child, there’s a huge probability he/she would turn out to be straight. And besides, what’s wrong with being gay?

Him: Man! if you had the choice to be straight, won’t you take that option?

Me: No, i like being gay

Him: it screws up your life

Me: Listen man, I’m tired and sleepy. I have to go to bed. Good night!

Him: okay! talk to you later

“Oh yeah, you wish”/ Block and delete

The End

P.S:  If anyone can supply me with this guy’s GPS location, a 9 mm caliber Magnum with just one round, please contact me immediately. And people, i don’t have to remind you that violence is not the answer……… except in this case 🙂

February 25, 2013 / another1ofthose

A long way from the dark

Looking back to where i was , and where i am at the moment, just 7 years after i shook hands with my inner gay, i find it very pleasant how my life turned out to be despite the fact that i still have loads of problems and a thousand times more thoughts and wishes to turn into reality.

7 years ago i was gay and there was only me in my dark little gay corner. I narrated to myself every day a little bedtime story about the gay guy who grew up and pursued his dream about becoming successful and free. Free from all the hate in the world, from all the prejudgments, from all the tyrant people, from all the fear, the oppression and the guilt.

7 gay years ago, i had no one but some random contacts on msn whom i didn’t know anything about to ease my troubling mind and my thirst for acceptance. Most were assholes, some were better assholes and i envy the few who tolerated me through my continuous insecure struggle.

But now, it no longer is 7  insecure, shitty gay years ago! it is just NOW. Now i am a better person, a more secure person, i am a ruler of my own being, my own person, my own thoughts. All thanks to my amazing friends whom i came out to and were supportive.

I did come a long way from where i have been, and i know i still have a lot to do and much more to go through, but at least I’m fighting for what i want and who i am.

so cheers to the haters and the homophobes, who made me tougher, the fundamentalists who made me seek the freedom of thought, the conservatives who made me seek progress, the liars who made me seek the truth. And cheers to my friends who accepted who i am, supported me and gave me hope for a better future, my perfectionist queen, my lovely princess and my crazy devilish witch.

February 20, 2013 / another1ofthose

Fuck HATE!


February 19, 2013 / another1ofthose

Sectariansim at its best!


Looking back at what happened in the past few weeks regarding the “partial” victory Lebanon had achieved concerning civil marriage, where people not belonging to any sect can get married in civil union. this partial progress held hopes for a more secular Lebanon that might in the future stray away from the ghost of sectarianism that has haunted us for so long.

Surprisingly! today, all those future hopes and dreams just vanished after hearing the word that the orthodox electoral draft law have been approved. This new law allows every sect to vote for its OWN lawmakers further binding sectarianism to people’s minds and consciousness rather than eradicating it.

This law was approved by political parties in mutual defiance over proving who has the most of the general public’s support….. in a simpler way, it is merely the starting whistle for a game of numbers, and the people are nothing more than statistical data for political parties and leaders to add to their long history of past false victories where people paid the price.

Anyhow, those egocentric leaders who cherish themselves and only care about the millions they add each year to their bank accounts by the corruption they’re spreading in public institutions are doomed to fall eventually, as no wrong remains and right always prevails.

P.S: NASA launched a deep space probe in 1977 which is now as twice as far from the sun as Pluto, while in 2012 Lebanese are still unable to live in a decent, secular country and still argue against some human and civil rights……it’s a shame!

January 31, 2013 / another1ofthose

Civil marriage……Battered!



The following article is based on the writer’s personal points of view. The writer has a profound respect to all human beings whether they have a similar or opposing points of view…….so be fucking open minded before you engage in any debate.

Once again, Lebanon has shown that it is a long way from being that ideal country where every person’s human and civil rights are respected.

After the announcement of Sheikh Mohammad Kabbani in which he said that “any Muslim with legislative powers who supports civil marriage is considered an apostate, and a person who drifted away from the religion of Islam”, I was shocked of such an announcement from a reputable Muslim cleric of high religious value.

Nonetheless, Mufti Kabbani can’t be blamed, after all he is just doing what’s best for his own religion and self of course. To make it clear, i asked a couple of my Muslim friends about the cost of having a sheikh oversee an Islamic marriage ceremony; well let us just say that the answers came out clear……IT DEPENDS. It depends on what you ask? well it turned out that the cost of the marriage being blessed by god depends on the market….. well you know: “supply and demand”  just like stock market, when the demand rises so does the cost, it is directly proportional. Well I’m elaborating, the answer i heard was: “depending if it is a low or high season”. Yup just like airplane tickets. So religious people if you are going to get married soon, try to pick a date when it would be freezing cold, it would be cheaper, and let’s not talk about the burial ceremony, it costs more for the cleric to pray for god to take you into his heavenly kingdom. Christians aren’t much better either, the cost of renting a church for the burial ceremony is 3000$? so I’ve been told at least. No wonder religious authorities are opposing civil marriage, it wouldn’t make their product sell!

civil marriage is not accepted in Islam due to the lack of three main points in the civil marriage contract which are deemed very important in Islam.

first, the guardian signs the contract on behalf of the bride, have you even heard of something called women’s rights, not to mention human rights? every single person on earth has the right to be responsible of his own self. the reply came that if the bride signed the contract, it would be very similar to the agreement of the “nikah el mut’a”.

second of all, it shouldn’t be accepted because if a Muslim father was married based on a civil marriage contract his sons or daughters would still be Muslims, but if a Muslim woman got married, the children would follow their father’s sect. A clear sign of discrimination against women.

And the big finale: “The bridal gift”, it seems that the civil marriage contract doesn’t have this stone age requirement, for the man to give his bride for reasons of security in the marriage, and it remains her sole property. Now Muslim clerics are defending the rights of their women? well i don’t think this is an eligible cause to oppose civil marriage as it grants both of the couple the security they need, their equality and their human and civil rights whole and complete.

So whether or not you oppose or support civil marriage, you should use your logic and understand that opposing civil marriage would make us sink even deeper in sectarianism and drives us away from a more secular and stable government and country.



January 28, 2013 / another1ofthose

What homosexuality is NOT!

An amazing YouTube vid about homosexuality. just love the editing!  Enjoy

January 28, 2013 / another1ofthose

Man’s journey of enlightenment!



Now this is a controversial topic! this post just states my personal points of view, with no offense intent to anyone.

It is the journey of every human being ever since he is born,  it is what humanity as a whole is still going through. Every child undergoes this journey to some extent, it might take years for him to do so, but on a much larger scale, humanity is going through it for the past thousands of years. The journey of religion…….of ENLIGHTENMENT.

Every child is born an atheist, an implicit atheist that is! but still an atheist. The reason for this is that he doesn’t have the capability of grasping the concept of deities. That was the story of humanity a couple of thousands of years ago as well. Both child and humanity were innocent but destructive, due to the lack of knowledge so they needed something to fear, something to control them, something to make them unconsciously submissive.

Then Came polytheism, which is the belief in multiple deities. In humanity, taking for example the Greek mythology; the Greeks worshiped the water through Poseidon, war through Aries, wine through Dionysus. They needed something to fear.

Every child goes through this stage of polytheistic lifestyle in his early years of age, he is taught to fear fire, lightening, he is taught to be good for Santa to get him presents. He is taught to fear something for him to behave in a good way.

Then came monotheism. Superior people decided that the worship of several gods is not enough and people are becoming skeptical about it, they are learning, discovering and knowing too much. At this time it was decided, people should fear only ONE god, who is the creator of all, the end of all, and the goal of all, they work to please him, to be faithful so they can have eternal heavenly life. Here was the birth of Christianity, Islam, and other monotheistic religions. Here the child is introduced to the idea of God at an early age for him to grasp it and be accustomed to it, for the fear to become a habit.

Some people’s journeys end here and don’t reach enlightenment but for others it continues. people become more skeptical, more attached to science as it is solving problems with the help of solid physical evidence. and when they know, they become enlightened.

That is explicit atheism, which is the absence of theistic belief due to conscious rejection of it. By this time people would have discovered that religion is merely a tool to control, to spread fear, for the elite to control, for humanity to behave and just obey.

So………..Religion is not enlightenment.

Implicit atheism- i don’t know therefore i don’t believe.

Polytheism/Monotheism- i don’t know therefore i believe.

Explicit atheism- I know therefore i don’t believe and that is being enlightened!



Again, this post is a personal point of view, you might like it or not, it isn’t intent to be harmful by any way or offensive to anyone. and if you have any problems now, you can kiss my ass.



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