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March 15, 2013 / another1ofthose

A homophobic Homo?!

asshole alert

A new message window, popped up on manjam (yaaaaaayyy). The darn thing asked me if i want to read it instantly.(Are you seriously asking me this?). Sure i do, i don’t want to miss a chance to meet someone decent. okayyy! it was a nice message so i viewed that guy’s profile. no picture included (better! I’m closeted, sue me). I scrolled down to the “My ideal” section, Male between 21 to 28(Okay that’s good) around 5’11″(180 cm)damn, I’m not that tall but he still messaged me. He’s looking for some chat-friendship-relationship(Bingo!). I replied attaching my Skype ID and email address. He added me and we went on Skype.

All was great at first, until we started talking about gay rights. The guy turned out to be against gay marriage (What the fucking shit are you talking about?).

Me: Dude you’re gay!!!!!

Him: yes i am, but i am against gay marriage

Me: are you serious? It is your right to marry who you love

Him: possibly, but it corrupts society, and it’s not healthy

“He’s one hell of a schizophrenic asshole. He’s fucking gay and he is telling me that gay marriage is not healthy? ”

Me: Why are you saying that?

Him: Marriage should be between a guy and a girl, not between 2 guys nor 2 girls

“I couldn’t believe what he was writing. A homophobic homosexual? Or is he just stupid(there’s no doubt about the latter)”

Him: Besides, if gays and lesbians were given the right to get married, they will be granted the right to adopt children as well

Me: and so?

Him: So their children would turn out to be gay

Me: man, homosexuals are born that way, it has to do with epi-genetics, Google it! If homosexual parents adopted a child, there’s a huge probability he/she would turn out to be straight. And besides, what’s wrong with being gay?

Him: Man! if you had the choice to be straight, won’t you take that option?

Me: No, i like being gay

Him: it screws up your life

Me: Listen man, I’m tired and sleepy. I have to go to bed. Good night!

Him: okay! talk to you later

“Oh yeah, you wish”/ Block and delete

The End

P.S:  If anyone can supply me with this guy’s GPS location, a 9 mm caliber Magnum with just one round, please contact me immediately. And people, i don’t have to remind you that violence is not the answer……… except in this case 🙂



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  1. witchylisa / Mar 21 2013 4:56 PM

    You should’ve asked why he’s gay despite coming from (possibly) straight parents.

    • another1ofthose / Mar 22 2013 4:51 PM

      I should have asked, but i didn’t want him to get a headache (you know! because he’s not used to thinking)

  2. mil / Mar 24 2013 3:33 PM

    I meet guys like that every dy the r making me sicK not kidding like litrly every day

  3. closetconflicts / Mar 25 2013 7:51 PM

    My blog post “Gay Homophobes” is about that exact issue. You can check it if you want. But anyway, gay homophobes are simply torn by the guilt that they feel whenever they feel attracted to men or have sex with men. They project their self-hatred on others to feel less guilty. They might also be brain washed by religion. They might be simply stupid. Either way, these guys have a lot A LOT of issues that I am not sure whether we have to help them or euthanise them.

    • another1ofthose / Mar 25 2013 10:14 PM

      i’d go with the second choice. easier and has proven scientific results 😛

  4. aguywithoutboxers / Mar 26 2013 4:58 PM

    Cool post. Sometimes, those in denial about who they really are and/or are hiding so deep in their own closet they don’t realize who they are are the most homophobic. They hide in fear that someone will recognize them for who they really are. I pity them for they are probably the most miserable among us.

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