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February 19, 2013 / another1ofthose

Sectariansim at its best!


Looking back at what happened in the past few weeks regarding the “partial” victory Lebanon had achieved concerning civil marriage, where people not belonging to any sect can get married in civil union. this partial progress held hopes for a more secular Lebanon that might in the future stray away from the ghost of sectarianism that has haunted us for so long.

Surprisingly! today, all those future hopes and dreams just vanished after hearing the word that the orthodox electoral draft law have been approved. This new law allows every sect to vote for its OWN lawmakers further binding sectarianism to people’s minds and consciousness rather than eradicating it.

This law was approved by political parties in mutual defiance over proving who has the most of the general public’s support….. in a simpler way, it is merely the starting whistle for a game of numbers, and the people are nothing more than statistical data for political parties and leaders to add to their long history of past false victories where people paid the price.

Anyhow, those egocentric leaders who cherish themselves and only care about the millions they add each year to their bank accounts by the corruption they’re spreading in public institutions are doomed to fall eventually, as no wrong remains and right always prevails.

P.S: NASA launched a deep space probe in 1977 which is now as twice as far from the sun as Pluto, while in 2012 Lebanese are still unable to live in a decent, secular country and still argue against some human and civil rights……it’s a shame!


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