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January 31, 2013 / another1ofthose

Civil marriage……Battered!



The following article is based on the writer’s personal points of view. The writer has a profound respect to all human beings whether they have a similar or opposing points of view…….so be fucking open minded before you engage in any debate.

Once again, Lebanon has shown that it is a long way from being that ideal country where every person’s human and civil rights are respected.

After the announcement of Sheikh Mohammad Kabbani in which he said that “any Muslim with legislative powers who supports civil marriage is considered an apostate, and a person who drifted away from the religion of Islam”, I was shocked of such an announcement from a reputable Muslim cleric of high religious value.

Nonetheless, Mufti Kabbani can’t be blamed, after all he is just doing what’s best for his own religion and self of course. To make it clear, i asked a couple of my Muslim friends about the cost of having a sheikh oversee an Islamic marriage ceremony; well let us just say that the answers came out clear……IT DEPENDS. It depends on what you ask? well it turned out that the cost of the marriage being blessed by god depends on the market….. well you know: “supply and demand”  just like stock market, when the demand rises so does the cost, it is directly proportional. Well I’m elaborating, the answer i heard was: “depending if it is a low or high season”. Yup just like airplane tickets. So religious people if you are going to get married soon, try to pick a date when it would be freezing cold, it would be cheaper, and let’s not talk about the burial ceremony, it costs more for the cleric to pray for god to take you into his heavenly kingdom. Christians aren’t much better either, the cost of renting a church for the burial ceremony is 3000$? so I’ve been told at least. No wonder religious authorities are opposing civil marriage, it wouldn’t make their product sell!

civil marriage is not accepted in Islam due to the lack of three main points in the civil marriage contract which are deemed very important in Islam.

first, the guardian signs the contract on behalf of the bride, have you even heard of something called women’s rights, not to mention human rights? every single person on earth has the right to be responsible of his own self. the reply came that if the bride signed the contract, it would be very similar to the agreement of the “nikah el mut’a”.

second of all, it shouldn’t be accepted because if a Muslim father was married based on a civil marriage contract his sons or daughters would still be Muslims, but if a Muslim woman got married, the children would follow their father’s sect. A clear sign of discrimination against women.

And the big finale: “The bridal gift”, it seems that the civil marriage contract doesn’t have this stone age requirement, for the man to give his bride for reasons of security in the marriage, and it remains her sole property. Now Muslim clerics are defending the rights of their women? well i don’t think this is an eligible cause to oppose civil marriage as it grants both of the couple the security they need, their equality and their human and civil rights whole and complete.

So whether or not you oppose or support civil marriage, you should use your logic and understand that opposing civil marriage would make us sink even deeper in sectarianism and drives us away from a more secular and stable government and country.




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