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January 28, 2013 / another1ofthose

Man’s journey of enlightenment!



Now this is a controversial topic! this post just states my personal points of view, with no offense intent to anyone.

It is the journey of every human being ever since he is born,  it is what humanity as a whole is still going through. Every child undergoes this journey to some extent, it might take years for him to do so, but on a much larger scale, humanity is going through it for the past thousands of years. The journey of religion…….of ENLIGHTENMENT.

Every child is born an atheist, an implicit atheist that is! but still an atheist. The reason for this is that he doesn’t have the capability of grasping the concept of deities. That was the story of humanity a couple of thousands of years ago as well. Both child and humanity were innocent but destructive, due to the lack of knowledge so they needed something to fear, something to control them, something to make them unconsciously submissive.

Then Came polytheism, which is the belief in multiple deities. In humanity, taking for example the Greek mythology; the Greeks worshiped the water through Poseidon, war through Aries, wine through Dionysus. They needed something to fear.

Every child goes through this stage of polytheistic lifestyle in his early years of age, he is taught to fear fire, lightening, he is taught to be good for Santa to get him presents. He is taught to fear something for him to behave in a good way.

Then came monotheism. Superior people decided that the worship of several gods is not enough and people are becoming skeptical about it, they are learning, discovering and knowing too much. At this time it was decided, people should fear only ONE god, who is the creator of all, the end of all, and the goal of all, they work to please him, to be faithful so they can have eternal heavenly life. Here was the birth of Christianity, Islam, and other monotheistic religions. Here the child is introduced to the idea of God at an early age for him to grasp it and be accustomed to it, for the fear to become a habit.

Some people’s journeys end here and don’t reach enlightenment but for others it continues. people become more skeptical, more attached to science as it is solving problems with the help of solid physical evidence. and when they know, they become enlightened.

That is explicit atheism, which is the absence of theistic belief due to conscious rejection of it. By this time people would have discovered that religion is merely a tool to control, to spread fear, for the elite to control, for humanity to behave and just obey.

So………..Religion is not enlightenment.

Implicit atheism- i don’t know therefore i don’t believe.

Polytheism/Monotheism- i don’t know therefore i believe.

Explicit atheism- I know therefore i don’t believe and that is being enlightened!



Again, this post is a personal point of view, you might like it or not, it isn’t intent to be harmful by any way or offensive to anyone. and if you have any problems now, you can kiss my ass.



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