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January 15, 2013 / another1ofthose

Coming out……on “WhatsApp”?!

Yeah! you read it, I did that a couple of months ago, so here’s the story:

I am a guy who is very discreet about his sexual orientation, and the only person who knows about it was my best friend, whom i have known for the past 19 years. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for her, she got a job abroad so i lost the one person whom i can speak to and consult. After spending some time with nobody to talk to or share my burdens with, i decided it was time to come out to someone i can truly trust. My options were very limited (2 exactly), so i started playing a game of truth or truth with one of them, and noticed she was very open minded and that she’s far from all the middle-eastern crap most of the minds are filled with. so from one question to another over a period of two months, i decided that it was time to tell her. I told her that I’m going to tell her a secret but didn’t have the time to meet up for a chat.

So a day after the guy i was dating and whom i really, like really liked decided it wasn’t working out for the both of us, i was pretty upset and over-drank a bit, i didn’t get drunk but got into that stupid happy mood of mine.

We were chatting on WhatsApp so i started playing the truth or truth game again, after 3 hours of none stop questions and answers, i got bored and she wasn’t getting the hints, so i decided to clarify the hints a bit.  It was my turn to ask, so i gave her a little intro: “this question is going to make things straight…….or NOT” and my question was: “what is the one thing that would make me do all this fuss, and  make me so scared about your reaction towards it and not to mention make me terrified if someone else knew about? “.

Well it was already 3:30 am and she was tired and sleepy so her answers were dumb as fuck (No hard feelings, you’re gonna read this and you know i love you :P). That’s when i decided to throw the bomb so i asked her what is the opposite of STRAIGHT? she answered Not straight (i woke her up in the middle of a dream i guess :S) and the chat went on as follows:

Her: so you’re not straight?

Me: Bravo! you finally got it (it was hilarious at this point but nothing compared to what came in next)

Her: Shou ya3ne?

Me: Please kill me

Her: i didn’t understand

The girl was thinking on a totally different level :s

Me: Girl! I’m fucking gay

Her: “surprised” Hayeteeeee (a word that she uses a lot to describe everything)

etc etc etc no need to know the rest. but all i knew is that i had a huge hug the very next day i saw her and she teared up as well 🙂

So I’m telling you guys, if you are ever thinking of coming out to someone, don’t you ever think of drinking and chatting, it would be disastrous, even though this came out good.



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