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December 19, 2012 / another1ofthose

A message to all of you Homophobes

stop homophobia

As i write this post, i am filled with rage and fury. I just had an argument with a friend of mine after he was telling me that a certain guy he knows is gay. So i started arguing on equality and stereotyping; he didn’t even have a reasonable answer, all he said was: “He’s gay, shou ba3mello?”. Well i wish that you stumble upon this post and read my message to you and to all of the assholes out there.

Dear STONE AGE minded people aka homophobes

I write to you with great sorrow while i experience everyday what your pathetic minds are capable of. I write to you to help you out of your misery and to protect you from your own regressive thoughts.

You think that you are normal and everybody else is not, you think that being a homosexual is unnatural, you think that love is biased, you think that you can degrade anyone, that you can bully others, call them names, you get offended when you see gay or lesbian couples, and the list goes on.

So what is the claim that your one-neuron based mind can come up with to support such discrimination? It offended your manhood?

You have absolutely no right whatsoever to discriminate. As long as it isn’t your hole that is being fucked, you should just shut up and move on. Who said that being straight is the right way to go? who said that homosexuals can’t love? who said that gay couples can’t get married? the law? you curse it everyday as it does not provide the well being of you….. citizens. Religion? it is just a mean to control people.

Anyway, back to me insulting you.

You have gone far with this tiny brain of yours. Oh yeah! talking about brains; did you know that many of the great thinkers, scientists, philosophers and even state men were gay? Oh poor you……you’re just straight, and to add to that, you don’t even have the brains to formulate a reasonable claim to why homosexuals should not be allowed to live a normal life.

excuse me if my post wasn’t low enough to fit your standards.

Just an advice: intellect, intelligence, ethics and half of a normal brain would help you get out of your retarded state of thought.

Truly yours

signed by a Straight-o-phobe


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